Hi, I’m Gemma, and my journey began unconventionally.

After travelling across SE Asia and Australia, working various jobs, I landed in psychology. It wasn't until I discovered my passion for behaviour analysis that I realised my calling. But even then, the road was winding, leading me to mindset coaching after a profound personal revelation.

With an MSc in Applied Behaviour Analysis and a Quantum Leap Coach certification steeped in neuroscience, neuro-semantics, and quantum physics, I've honed my skills to create transformational experiences for my clients. 

My one-to-one and online group coaching programs have empowered countless women, and I've carved out a reputation for catalysing enduring, profound change.

But I'm not just a coach or a business owner. 

Revamp Your Mindset, Revolutionise Your Life

I'm a mum, a lover of travelling, a survivor of the world of being an employee, and a lifelong learner. My personal trials and triumphs fuel my passion for empowering other women to take control of their mindset and, ultimately, their lives.


From battling imposter syndrome to discovering the alignment in my life's work, my experiences have shaped the programmes I now offer. They're designed to spark transformation in women, helping them to master their minds and emotions to create long-lasting, meaningful change.

Your journey doesn't have to be solitary. Whether you're looking for a single coaching session or a longer, more intensive program, I've got you covered with a selection of packages as unique as the women I work with.

I believe life is meant to be a blend of ups and downs - it's how we grow, how we find joy. 

What I can promise you is the tools to manage your mindset, respond rather than react, and consciously create the life you love.

Now, I must ask: could you be next?

Private Coaching

Be it a one-off session or a deep dive, choose a package that's perfectly crafted for your unique journey. Unwavering 1:1 support, tailored to you.

Keynote Speaker

Ready to add a spark to your event? Book me as your guest speaker - I love collaborating with other powerhouses to ignite minds and inspire change.

Group Coaching

Learn, grow and reshape your mindset, buoyed by the support of like-minded women. Collective wisdom meets personal transformation!

A Uniquely Tailored Journey for Each Client


Empowering Women to Shift from Overwhelm to a Life of Focus and Freedom

Taking Women from Frustration to Focus and Freedomm

Trying to spin all the plates can feel like such a battle, can't it? You're building a business you're passionate about while striving to be a fully present mum. The struggle to get ahead, the day-to-day stress, the overwhelm, the sheer exhaustion - I've been there too.

Now, picture this instead…

A thriving business, coupled with a serene sense of calm, contentment, and a rock-solid confidence that permeates every area of your life. Sound like a distant dream? 

With my guidance, it’s closer than you think.

My mission is to help you shatter your inner obstacles - those niggling limiting beliefs that have you anchored in place - and step into your best self. Achieve that elusive work-life balance within a life you don't just live, but love.

Using my distinctive coaching style - think of it as a yoga class for your mindset - I provide a tailored, transformational coaching experience that works. Let me help you find calm amidst the chaos and put you back on the path towards crafting the life you adore.

Total Transformation


Dive headfirst into all three transformative stages. You'll gain lifetime access to all change patterns captured in audio recordings, along with ongoing email and WhatsApp support. An all-in approach to reinventing your life.

Jump Start


Figure out and then dismantle the secrets behind your stuck state. We'll unearth your limiting beliefs and thinking patterns. You'll understand what triggers you, how you respond internally and externally, and how you've built perceptions about yourself and the world around you over time. This is your springboard to change!


Level 1 =£1300

Level 2 =£1100

Test the waters with the 3-stage transformation journey, starting with the Breakthrough Session. If you find it beneficial and wish to progress, continue to Level 1 and then Level 2. You'll receive lifetime access to all change patterns as audio recordings and get continuous email and WhatsApp support. A measured and progressive path to your new life.

Feeling overwhelmed and out of sorts?

As a business owner wrestling with the tolls of scaling your business and still being a hands-on parent, you feel frozen in the headlights of your to-do list. 

When anxiety or fear pops up, which is all too often, your instinct is to shield yourself - to do whatever it takes to escape those uncomfortable feelings. 

Meet our culprits: over-performing, perfectionism, procrastination. Sound like a familiar trio?

These are all armour you don to protect yourself. And lurking beneath this hard shell exterior is a fear of failure or not being 'good enough', dreading rejection or abandonment, or a deep-seated mistrust that makes letting go of control feel impossible. 

This fear propels you into self-protective behaviours. You avoid being seen, you stop taking action, and worst of all, you sabotage your own success to feel safe.

When you work with me, we'll confront and clear this warped thinking and behavioural patterns. We'll construct a fortress of inner safety that enables you to free yourself to chase your dreams. You'll be equipped to build a thriving business whilst being a present mum with ease, creating a work-life balance that lets you actually savour your success.

But don't just take my word for it. Read what my clients have to say

Whether you’re an entrepreneur struggling to scale your business while being a present parent or in a corporate career that takes up all your time and attention, you likely find yourself paralyzed by your to-do list. When anxiety or fear comes up often, the default is to protect yourself – take action/do whatever it takes to not feel those feelings. Some common patterns that can hold us back are; over-performing, perfectionism and procrastination.

These are all ways of protecting yourself....sound familiar???

Underneath it all is a state of un-safety; typically there's a mixture of a fear of failing/not being good enough, fear of being rejected/abandoned and/or a fear of trusting and letting go of control. This fear leads you to engage in behaviours to protect yourself, which means you’re not going to be visible or take action, instead, you’ll self-sabotage to make yourself feel safe.
Throughout my Life Coaching Services, we work on clearing these types of distorted thinking and behaving patterns.
We work on building a sense of INNER SAFETY so that you can liberate yourself to go after your dreams; build a successful business /career with ease and flow with the work-life balance to enjoy it.

Read what my clients have to say;


Join the community…

I hold a steadfast belief that when we gather with those who share our aspirations and drive, the world is truly our oyster. I warmly invite you to step into my community of go-getting women, a space where ambition is our common language. I conduct live trainings centred around mindset every Tuesday at 12pm. Come join us and let’s collectively fuel our journey to personal and professional fulfilment.

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