Coaching with me is about structure and how you create your own experiences - the meaning you attach (albeit often subconsciously) to the experiences you have.

In this 1:1 break through coaching session we’ll uncover HOW you create experiences, because the way you create one experience is often how you'll go on to create other experiences.

When you become aware of how you create experiences then you are at choice point; you can intentionally decide to choose a different meaning in a way that serves you better.

In these break-through calls I use a VERY systematic process that covers the following:

1. We’ll identify a context/situation where you feel stuck.

2. Next we’ll identify a trigger e.g. raising your prices or hiring a V.A.

3. Then we’ll talk about what state (your thoughts + feelings) this trigger puts you in e.g you start to feel fear or powerlessness etc.

4. we’ll talk about your response to the trigger e.g. you procrastinate by doing other things.

5. And lastly we’ll identify your core beliefs and distorted thinking patterns that sit behind all of the above e.g. what will others think of this? It's not good enough, whose going to listen to what I have to say....Past reference experiences may pop up during this step; images and movies that you keep in your head so we’ll take note of these too.

Once we’ve got the above noted across a context it will allow us to step back, to go through a process of detection & analysis and to figure out where the change power is.

It’s not unusual for clients to see a few of the following:

  • limiting beliefs (which are basically confirmed thoughts but aren’t always necessarily true!) e.g. I’m not good enough
  • toxic reference experiences (a past situation triggers a certain experience) e.g. being bullied at high school
  • Limiting use of semantic space (we also create meaning through using our mental space around us to map out concepts and build relationships with events, time, people etc) e.g. where do you place people around you in your imagination?
  • Troubling relationship with concepts (simply hearing a word can trigger an intense state)
  • Troubling relationship with a specific emotion; you might not give yourself permission to feel certain emotions.
  • Cognitive distortions (when we attach meanings to things as a child before we have the language skills to work out nuances) e.g. all-or-nothing thinking, should-ing, worse case scenario thinking etc.
  • Meta-programs (which are basically thinking styles – they tell you how you process information; what to focus on and what to delete) e.g. caring for self Vs care for others

Hear what Bee has to say about her experience of a break-through session

By going through this process you’ll become acutely aware of HOW you create meaning to experiences which can be life changing in and of itself! You’ll start recognising when you are doing your problem thinking/behaving; this awareness is essential to meaningful change.

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