1 : 1 Mindset Coaching

Procrastination, imposter syndrome, perfectionism, self-doubt, people-pleasing, burn-out, anxiety, fear, overwhelm…you feel like an emotional pinball...how can it look so easy for everyone else!?

Firstly, you are not alone.

And secondly, it ALL starts with mastering your mindset.

It’s not your fault that you are stuck, here’s what's happening:

We're addicted to our broken ways of thinking, feeling and behaving because it feels familiar. This habit keeps us living in a programme that just keeps on producing more of the same no matter what action we take.

Our subconscious brain is designed to keep us safe so it does not like change - which is very much required when you're an ambitious woman with big goals!

Look at your life...see the patterns that keep repeating e.g. going to post on social media then talking yourself out of it because you're not an expert yet or lowering your price when it gets to that point in a conversation with a potential client... 

This is all down to your subconscious core beliefs which show up as self-sabotaging behaviours.  You're inadvertently creating all of this - it’s a pattern.

The good news is - you can change all of this!

This is what you need to do:

1. learn the real science-based concepts and mindset tools to shift you from past focus to future focus.

2. learn how to fully embody new beliefs that serve you and solidify them into your neurology.

3. learn how to process your feelings without by-passing or suppressing your emotions.

4. learn how to use your imagination to create exactly what you want.

5. practice practise practise - there's no avoiding doing the inner work if you want real, meaningful and long lasting results.

Your thoughts create your reality – your life is simply a collection of the results of your beliefs. 

You HAVE to change what you believe if you want more in your life.

You have to question what currently feels true and learn to discriminate between facts and thoughts.

You have to intentionally create new thoughts to believe as if your success was guaranteed and your life depended on it!

When you have the tools to change your thoughts, elevate your emotions and intentionally use your imagination you become unstoppable.

Everything feels light and easy – you’ll feel inspired and excited to take action and do all the things you need to do to grow your business – when you’ve built belief inside yourself first.

Become the boss of your subconscious brain.

I will help you build a solid sense of inner safety and teach you how to calm down your nervous system and shift your state (your thoughts and feelings) using highly effective coaching processes that address the entire mind-body-emotion-soul system.

These patterns create lasting change from the inside-out making taking action towards your dream goals effortless and easy for you.

A Mind-Body-Emotion-Soul Coaching Program To Build Inner Safety And Calm Your Nervous System Using Neuroscience, Neurosemantics, And Quantum physics That Will Help You Become The Best Version Of Yourself And Achieve Your Goals From A Place Of Ease And Flow

Clearing & healing. You learn how to clear the most common clusters of patterns and distortions in your use of language, imagination and relationship with your body / emotions that keep you stuck in survival mode. This focuses on empowerment (clear boundaries and ownership over one’s powers), liberating the self (over-coming the false self where what you do gets confused with who you are), embodying an attitude of optimism and building a healthy trust in yourself, others and the Universe.

All of these change processes calm down your nervous system so that we can awaken you to unlimited possibilities. Until we have cleared the stress/survival mode any desirable outcome that you come up with will come from that place/way of thinking. E.g. people who feel anxious want to feel calm or people who feel insecure want to feel confident – these are very limited outcomes, limited to what’s possible. This stage is crucial – it’s like building the foundations of a house – to feel safe enough if your body to move forward. If you skip this stage you’ll get stuck in your escape mechanisms: avoiding, procrastinating, unaligned actions / solutions etc. even if you do get some success, your subconscious WILL sabotage it in order to stay safe.

Awakening & aligning. Once you have built a solid sense of inner safety in stage 1, you are ready for awakening to a whole new way of being. In this stage you get to focus on forgetting all that you had been obsessing and worrying over in stage 1 and stepping into a new way of being that transcends all of the old. It’s about feeling this with every fibre of your being and allowing this to shift where you place your attention and focus from a moment-to-moment basis.

In this stage you’ll be surrendering more and more into trust and letting go, so you no longer have to control the outcome or operate from sheer force and will power.

This is usually hard to do if you haven’t transcended your old patterns and distortions yet: you often get a ‘limited’ desired new way of being (described above) that comes from within your problem way of thinking.

The alignment is all about embodying beliefs that are in line with a new way of being, as well as accessing the alignment energies that help you hold success in your body.

The creation zone. So now you have cleared out the old, awakened to and aligned with a whole new way of being.  Now it is time for the fun part! In this last part we explore your clear intention (your goal) and pair it with the elevated emotion (desired state) that you already have been practicing and aligning with for the past weeks. You’ll also learn how to listen to your intuition, messages and nudged, and take inspired action, so you lead with energy rather than strategy.


The Coaching Process, how it works:

Option 1: A gradual approach

Test the waters with the 3-stage transformation journey, starting with the Breakthrough Session. If you find it beneficial and wish to progress, continue to Level 1 and then Level 2. You'll receive lifetime access to all change patterns as audio recordings and get continuous email and WhatsApp support. A measured and progressive path to your new life.

Break-through session

90 mins 1:1 call that you can do as a stand-alone session with no obligation to continue with the change work (i.e. level 1 & 2). By the end of this 90 min break-through session you'll have absolute clarity about HOW you are creating your stuck state. We'll identify what triggers you, your responses internally and externally, and map out how you have ascribed meanings to experiences, drew conclusions about others, the world around you and who you are. This awareness can be life changing in and of itself. If you are fed up of continually creating a future that is based on your past then this is for you.

Level 1: 6 sessions focusing on Stage 1 of transformation

In level 1 you will work on mastering your powers; taking ownership of your thoughts, feelings, communication, and actions. You'll also build self-worth, self-confidence, self- efficacy, adopt an optimistic attitude, and establish trust in yourself, others, and the universe. All of this creates a complete sense of inner safety. I will send you all of the change patterns as recorded audios and I'll also send you some homework activities. Furthermore, you'll also receive whatsapp support throughout so you can think of me like a coach in your pocket during the time we work together.

Level 2: 5 sessions focusing on stages 2 + 3 of transformation

In level 2, you'll create a vision for your new self and align with certainty to co-create with others and the universe. We'll work on giving yourself permission to receive, step into your full power, make the unknown you comfort zone so you can take informed risks to manifest your desires. In this level you align your clear intention with elevated emotions and take inspired action, guided by your intuition, to live your future now. Similarly to level 1 you'll receive all of the change patterns as recorded audios, homework activities and whatsapp support throughout our time working together.

Option 2: Total transformation

If you are ready to go ALL-IN and commit to the full signature programme then this option is for you:

By going through this process you’ll become acutely aware of HOW you create meaning to experiences – you’ll start recognising when you are doing your problem thinking/behaving.  This awareness is essential to meaningful change.

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