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Running a business and raising a family….

Meet Gemma 

I ran my own business for over a decade, supporting autistic children and their parents. I loved my work and found it incredibly rewarding, but I also found the pressure of running and scaling a business whilst raising three young children hard work.

Because running a business isn’t just about serving your client - you have administrative tasks, hiring and training, marketing…urgh the endless marketing…audience building, email list building, social media presence - all of it just began to feel…. so heavy.

I was ‘taking messy action’ and putting myself out there, doing all the ‘things’ I was told to do by marketing and business experts but making minimal progress. I was beyond frustrated and felt guilty for not giving more of myself to either my business or my family.

It took me a long time to recognise that I was responding from a place of scarcity, fear and lack - definitely not the elevated emotions I wanted to feel to reach my desired outcome.

I decided I would stop doing anything in my life that didn’t spark joy and seek help. I started listening to podcasts on mindset, joining courses, watching webinars, reading books - I devoured it all. But for me, as a busy working mum, I realised that I needed the accountability that 1:1 coaching would give me.

I invested the most amount of money I’ve ever spent on myself or my business in a mindset coach, deciding to go all-in and learn what needed to be done to step into the best version of myself and make my dream life a reality.

The result?

I felt way more confident and much more in control, both at work and at home. I was able to make some huge life-changing decisions (such as pivoting my career) and worked on clearing quite a few cognitive distortions such as all-or-nothing thinking, confusing human-being with human-doing, discounting…I had no idea I had so many limiting beliefs but they ALL came out!

Now, I am literally living my perfect day - the day I wrote about doing my first piece of homework my coach sent me.

I’m dedicated to transforming women just like you, who are struggling to scale a business or move forward in their careers, maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

The Shift from Scarcity to Security

When you exist in the space of scarcity - there’s not enough time, money, energy, or confidence - you can’t exist in the space of contentment or live fully present in the moment. Using a blend of neuroscience, neurosemnatics and quantum physics, I can take you from a state of scarcity to one of abundance.

This will allow you to put fear and self-doubt behind you so you can overcome procrastination and imposter syndrome and build momentum in your productivity so you can meet your goals and create the security you need, from increasing your income to building stronger relationships.

It's time to take control back over your life.

With my Mindset Coaching programme, you’ll be transformed at a neurological level plus discover the skills you need to trade stress for success!



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Feeling overwhelmed
and struggling to get things done?

I know it can be hard to focus on what you need to do when you feel like you're constantly under attack spinning ALL the plates. You can't seem to get ahead, and every day feels like a battle which leads to feeling stressed out, overwhelmed, and exhausted.
Imagine what it would feel like to have a work-life balance doing the things that spark your joy, creating more time for the things you love, and feeling completely confident in all areas of your life.

With my help, that’s exactly what you can achieve.

Mindset coaching can help you overcome your obstacles - those pesky limiting beliefs that hold you back - step into ‘your best self’ and achieve work-life balance in a life you love. My unique approach, which uses a blend of neuroscience, neurosemantics, applied behavior analysis, and quantum physics, will provide you with a tailored and transformational coaching experience to help you find calm within the storm to start taking steps forward again.



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