Group coaching programme:

Whilst 1:1 coaching is transformational, there's something incredibly powerful about group coaching; that special dynamic and level of support of being in a community, and learning from others whilst you realise that you are not alone in your stuck ways of thinking and behaving. 

This program is designed for:

1. Professional women, established business owners, or other high achievers.

2. Women who want more from life than they’re getting now.

3. Those who have a level 9 or 10 (out of 10) commitment to their growth and are ready to “do the work.”

4. Those who work well in groups, who are willing to give as much as they get, and be vulnerable, honest, and supportive.

In this 12-week group coaching program you will work intensively with me and your group to:

1. Uncover and rewrite your limiting beliefs that are currently keeping you stuck

2. Step into your full power and authority as you realise your goals from a place of inner safety, ease and joy.

3. Learn how to manage your thoughts and regulate your feelings so you can become a state shifting ninja!

4. Improve your work, business, relationships, and health

We will cover the exact same change patterns I take my 1:1 clients through as well as an initial 1:1 call where I will coach you through a very systematic and powerful process that uncovers how you subconsciously create your own experiences. You’ll become acutely aware of HOW you create meaning to experiences and start recognising when you are in your ‘stuck states’.

Having this awareness will make the rest of the course incredibly powerful as I help you awaken to and align with a new way of being, so you are ready to take effortless and inspired action.

Group coaching is a powerful way to boost your productivity under the guidance of an established mindset coach and serial entrepreneur (that’s me). And, being surrounded by a network of supportive peers will provide you the motivation and accountability you need to create a life of success & purpose.

By the end of this course you will have built a solid sense of inner safety (no more confidence issues or fear of failure) and teach you how to calm down your nervous system using highly effective coaching processes that create change from the inside-out and make taking action effortless and easy for you.

By going through this process you’ll become acutely aware of HOW you create meaning to experiences – you’ll start recognising when you are doing your problem thinking/behaving.  This awareness is essential to meaningful change.

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